Friday, November 8, 2013

Romance Ramblings: Seriously Off the Cuff...

This week Ava and Jerrica (along with "That Guy") are imbibing once again. And you know what that means... ONE LIVELY EPISODE OF ROMANCE RAMBLINGS. This week we talk Snapchat (and why Ava can't get her user name and other more sordid details thanks to Eric), discuss how to sound properly German, the fun of audiobooks, and family trees!

What do you think is the next big social media "thing"? And Eric would like to know your Snapchat user name. ;)


  1. Totally off topic but I've been wondering when the next book in the Westfield Wolves is coming out. It's been a year since the last release and no news :(

  2. Hi RedButterfly ~ We actually don't have a release date for that book yet. Sorry. :(