Saturday, October 12, 2013

Romance Ramblings is BACK!!!

This week Ava Stone and Jerrica Knight-Catania catch up at Romance Ramblings. We discuss new houses, pets, the original rebel rouser (who is NOT Ava), and toss around the idea of having Jerrica's twins (in their younger years) pull some sort of prank on one of Ava's characters in an upcoming book.
I'm not sure why... but the video isn't showing up today. So if you're looking for it. You can find it at
Ava says a bad word (consider that your warning). AND... Jerrica tries to convince us that she can turn into a gourd. 

QUESTION OF THE DAY - what sort of prank should Andrew and Michael Wetherby (when they're children) play on one of Ava's characters? And do you have a suggestion of which character will have a prank pulled on them? 

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